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Internet Safety

Parents should set and enforce rules for home Internet use

  • Have computer in a common room 
  • Time limit on Internet, instant messaging, social networking sites, online gaming, etc.

  • Parents should ask and know student’s personal username and password
  • Have a curfew for computer use. Place the computer in a common area to charge overnight.

Suggestions concerning e-mail

  • Parents should have access to students’ e-mail

  • Threatening e-mail should never be sent

  • Attachments bring danger of viruses

  • Spam=Junk mail=Don’t reply


  • Students can tie their Apple ID to the Messages app to send text messages
  • Parents should monitor messages sent

Social networking sites

  • Students will have access to social networking sites after school
  • Parents should monitor their child’s activities on social networking sites and ensure that private data is not posted online.

General Internet Activity

  • Never give out personal information, even seemingly innocent and unimportant info

  • Never make online purchases without parent permission/supervision